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Suzy with Calli and Feather

Welcome to Snow Hill

We began our journey in dogs in the mid 1980’s with Dalmatians.  Important early mentors were the late Edith and Nelson Gladstone, Summerhill Dalmatians and the late Sue Geesler, Campio Kennels. We are greatly indebted to these folks for sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise as well as providing unfailing support in all our early endeavors.

The Dalmatian ring afforded us much pleasure and success.  As our breeding program evolved, we produced national specialty, group and regional specialty winners.  While we are no longer breeding Dalmatians at Snow Hill we continue to appreciate the many successes of friends and fellow breeders with Snow Hill bred or sired Dalmatians.

Today we are actively exploring the wonderful world of whippets. The niche we strive to occupy is that of producing the true dual purpose whippet – beautiful to behold, sound of mind and body, and possessing the soul of a true coursing hound. You be the judge as you peruse our pages. We welcome your questions and comments.  Hopefully we will meet at a show or field trial in the near future!

Susanne Hughes, DVM
Durham, NC